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We're a passionate team of software engineers,
innovators & designers

focused on developing digital solutions that drive human behavior and engagement by using custom website design, development & strategies and mobile solutions, with the aim of helping businesses in Africa stand out in the digital world. Our vision is to become an inspirational figure to the digital industry in Africa through the quality of our work and self evident values.

Our Services

At the core iPF exists to create digital solutions focused on serving an end user’s needs. A Constant customer involvement during the development process guarantees a high quality end product, which also mirrors the customer’s vision.

Website Design & Development

While the way it works is fundamental, we consider interactivity, simplicity and end user comfortability while using our client’s products to be of high importance. Our work of art is carefully designed to fit all devices, which can accommodate a browser, to produce a consistent user experience while using the product.

Mobile Applications

A mobile solution can be either in form of mobile application or USSD application, either way the process followed to achieve a high quality product which is focused on serving the end user and ensure customer satisfaction is the same which results to highly consistent products and experience intuitive to users’ finger tips.

Website Strategies & Digital Analytics

We use digital marketing as a way to enhance our clients’ ability to reach new customers while constantly reminding them the value proposition of their businesses and products. Our simple but unique approach starts with research on the most effective channels to reach new and existing customers before establishing a strategy to ensure clients’ business grows while maintaining their reputation and customer base.

Your approach and response to issues will determine
how people will relate and deal with you per time.

Our Approach

We have adapted the human centered design approach and it is a thing we live through all stages in any project we do, the process is broken into three simple steps.

Understanding, What is this :)

Understanding the problem is key. We focus on needs, find out what the pain points are and opportunities that can be tapped. Then together with our client we design a simple, applicable solution.

Visualisation, Does it look like this?

We then take the insights from the previous stage and visualise them through the design of "User Interface" and "User Experience", we make custom designs starting with paper sketches.

Realisation,  Aha :)

Finally we bring the visual designs to life through prototypes, that we iterate on based on users' behavior, market feedback until we have a product that will be easy and comfortable to use.