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Re-inventing with #HackItFriday

By Walter Kimaro
In keeping with the times and making sure that we Stand Out and don't get rendered irrelevant especially in the fast paced tech world, we're always re-inventing ourselves and coming up with new ways to stay close and be productive.

One of the strict values we have at iPF is to be ahead of the curve in whatever the field of technology it is we're working on. Early 2018, we realized that if we leave it to individuals within the company to put in the effort to stay informed and follow best practices in their own time we might end up with unbalanced skill sets and non standard practices, and so #HackItFriday was born.

The idea was simple, set apart time during our official work hours where the entire team is committed to doing one thing, improving their skillsets in terms of the latest technologies and following agreed on standards and best practises. During this time we would discuss challenges we're facing in our daily workflows, discuss and come up with best practises in solving particular technical problems as well as join forces to tackle some cool engaging team-building exercises such as fun game of Pente.